Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Keyboard Art Car

Imagine the look of such a vehicle, mostly beige, a few squares of black and other colors mostly smooth. A closer look reveals what it is covered with and an even closer look reveals that it spells out actual writing. I assume that this will lead to a very detailed study.
The keyboard art car was conceived around 1999-2000 and involves the collection of keyboards, the removal of their keys (letters, numbers, F8 (fate) Enter/ escape, and arrow directional keys) and the attachment of these to a car in quotes about technology.
The keys will be attached to a fiberglas matrix in the form of quotes or lines of dialogue about technology and then attached to the car in sheets. The ENTER keys will go on the driver's door, the ESCape keys on the passenger's side, F8 keys on the front and BACKSPACE on the trunk and the arrow keys will serve as pin striping. I will use the number keys to spell out Pi to as many spaces as will fit on either the trunk or roof.
I will enlist the aid of volunteers for the initial layout and immortalize their names on the car.
As of June 2005 I had collected the keys from 50-60 boards but due to my recent discovery of Freecycle have suddenly hooked up to many more.
I do not own a car and have not lined one up at this time but I think this is the easy part. I am _sure_ there is someone out there who would love to have this done to their car.

UPDATE__ Sept 3 2005:
Thanks to Freecycle (link above, now over 3,000 chapters worldwide) I now have around 11,000 letters. I think I'll eventually need about 25,000-30,000 letters since many (Q, Z, X, J, etc.) will be only rarely used. I am presently sorting them, a long and tedious task.


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