Thursday, November 17, 2011

Like it or not, you ARE the 99%

I keep seeing conservatives saying, "Don't include me in your 99%!"
It shows that they just don't get what it means or what the whole problem really is.
I just wrote this to a business owner who posted a similar comment on a friend's wall. Feel free to use it to respond to others with that misunderstanding.

The 99% are not people who hold a political viewpoint they are the 99% who pay taxes, whohave almost no say in the corridors of power, who pay for the follies of their government.
It is the middle class, small business owners like yourself or the people you work for and with, that have built the United States into one of the world's greatest economic powers.
The middle class creates over 80% of new jobs and opportunities in this country
It is the working class, the people who repair the roads, pick the vegetables, work in shops, teach our children, and nurse the sick that keep this country going.

The 1% moves their assets off shore to avoid taxes and when then doesn't work gets the laws re-written. Speculators who buy profitable companies, strip out what is of value, sells it and closes the rest, putting more people out of work.
They buy politicians so that they can pay less taxes than you did or I did last year. They subvert the Constitution to serve their greed and are willing to destroy our children's future if necessary to have more money.

Unless you are worth at least $19,100,000 and earn over $400,000 a year I'm sorry but you're still part of the 99%.


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